Helping Maximize Your Financial Aid Potential

The Misconception:

The misconceptions are that private colleges are only for the rich, that Ivy League graduates are successful, that if I went there my kid will get in, that only poor families qualify for financial aid, that if you get turned down once you are through, affirmative action is gone, Congress is cutting way back, and that it is already too late to start saving for college. You do understand that these are misconceptions and hold little or no weight?


The Solution:


The solution is that you must become an informed buyer. Itís necessary that you learn to market the student to colleges. And position the student in the right college and the right career track. To get the jobs they want and to succeed in them, students need to start planning for the future now. As a parent, you are in an excellent position to help your child prepare for a satisfying career. Studies show that parents have more influence than anyone else on their childrenís educational and career planning. But few parents have the information and resources to handle this role. For many parents this will be their first experience with the maze of paperwork required to apply to colleges and apply for grants, scholarships, and loans. For those who have done it before, once may be one time too many and the thought of doing it for another student is not something to be thrilled about. The Professionals at College For All can help you benefit by becoming a wise consumer.




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